Tailgate Catering Menu

Call 24 hours in advance, Pick Up Only, No Set-Ups Supplied.

Breakfast casserole squares $4.00 per person


Breakfast egg muffins $4.00 per person


Pastries $1.50 per person


Lasagna $45.00 ½ pan

$80.00 full pan


Chopped BBQ Pork $10.00 per pound

with sauces


Chicken Salad $10.00 per pound

with crackers


Pimento Cheese $8.00 per pound

with crackers 


BBQ Chicken $1.00 per piece
Fried chicken mixed $1.00 per piece
Chicken strips $1.00 per strip

W/Honey Mustard


Finger Sandwich Tray $3.00 per person


Sandwich Platter $4.00 per person

6 inch sub or croissant


Wrap Platter $4.00 per person

10 inch flour tor.


Mac & cheese $1.50 per person


Mixed Fruit $1.50 per person


Green beans $1.50 per person


Baked beans $1.50 per person
Pasta salad $1.50 per person


Broc. Salad $1.50 per person


Potato salad or Cole slaw $1.50 per person


Tea or lemonade  $5.00 per gallon


Brownies  $1.00


Cookies  2 for $1.00
Tailgating with Fried Chicken by Fancy That! Bistro and Catering

Fancy That! Bistro and Catering